The Wildlife Sanctuary is a creative studio specializing in sound and music production, located in beautiful rural Grey County, and owned and operated by Lisa Conway and Andrew Collins. We aim to provide a professional, respectful, relaxed, and inclusive atmosphere, promoting experimentation, collaboration, creativity, and quality.

Lisa Conway is a composer, artist, and musician who has composed for and collaborated with filmmakers, dancers, and performance artists, and completed creative residencies from New Brunswick, Canada to Aubagne, France. A talented songwriter, arranger, and producer, her work both in live performance and in the studio has garnered critical acclaim. Conway holds an Honours BFA in Music from York University and an MA in Sonic Arts from Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she graduated with distinction. From fall 2015 to 2016, she was one of six Slaight Music Residents at the Canadian Film Centre.

Andrew Collins imprinted his first musical recordings onto a monolithic four track cassette recorder as a teenager in the 1990s.  Buried in tape hiss, these early experiments in sound were the beginnings of a lifelong love of the audio medium.  With two decades of recording experience behind him and the noise floor lowered considerably, he remains an enthusiastic sonic-musical adventurer, having performed on as well as produced, engineered, and/or mixed a multitude of albums which have earned the praise of both critics and peers.  Collins graduated with an Honours BFA in music from York University after earning his Audio Engineering diploma from OIART, London, ON.